Our goal in employing the disadvantaged is not only to provide them with a job, but also, to give them work experience in a competitive work environment, and to try to instill the work skills necessary for them to maintain employment in this type of environment.

In so doing we can help them gain valuable work skills and experience that are marketable in the competitive world.  This enables them to acquire employment outside our workplace if they so desire.

Our microfilm bureau was established in 1984 and we currently hold the state-wide contract for microfilming with the State of West Virginia.  We have held this contract since 1986. We microfilm an average of 1.8 million pages of paper records a year.

Our document imaging department was established in 1999 and we received the West Virginia state-wide contract for document imaging in 1999 as well.  We image an average of 3.5 million pages of paper documents a year.  We also provide janitorial services for 11 facilities in and around the Gassaway area.

Administrative Staff