Our microfilm service bureau has been providing microfilming services to business and industry since 1984.  We currently hold the state-wide contract to provide microfilming services to the State of West Virginia and we have held this contract since 1986.  We microfilm an average of 1.8 million pages of paper records a year.

Our organization offers companies the ability to outsource their document conversion and storage needs.  At a reduction ratio of 32X, 2400 pages can be placed on a single roll of microfilm.  We offer several different microfilm formats including microfiche.

Microfilm is still a viable document storage solution for archival purposes when a cost effective alternative is required.  The cost of microfilming records is still considerably less than having them imaged digitally.  For records that will be rarely viewed but must be maintained for legal purposes, microfilm is the cost effective archival storage solution.

The shelf life for a roll of microfilm that is stored in the proper environment, is an estimated 500 years.  The requirement necessary to maintain this proper storage environment is to avoid drastic temperature or humidity changes of 5% or more in any 24 hour period.  However, even in less than perfect conditions with frequent use, a roll of microfilm can be expected to last an estimated 100 to 200 years.  Paper, besides requiring a lot of space for storage, only has an estimated shelf life of 40 to 50 years.